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My first musical experiences were performing the violin as a kid. Then I fell in love with electronic music. The heart of electronic music is focussed on composition but I wanted to put performance at the centre of my workflow so I made my own instrument The Flow Machine to allow me to do this. I’ve performed in every continent and often play completely improvised sets.

The Bardo EP

The Bardo EP is a 3-movement orchestral performance piece which I created in collaboration with my friend Finn McNicholas. It was performed at Blank Canvas at Village Underground by the Heritage Orchestra. The whole orchestra was mic’ed up and routed through The Flow Machine allowing me to sample, loop and manipulate them live.


I was invited to talk and perform at TEDxCern. Before the show I went round the Large Hadron Collider and Cern data centres to collect samples to use in the improv. The performance ended up with TED’s first stage invasion.

Live online jam

With help from the developers at Soundcloud I made a website where I hosted live streams from my studio where viewers could also send sounds live to The Flow Machine over soundcloud. This was a show from Cargo in London, where I did this in front of a live real-world audience and a simultaneous online audience.

Live at the Golden Pudel

Here’s a full-length set of improvised live techno from the intimate and legendary Golden Pudel club in Hamburg.

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