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I like to make music that breathes and flows in the same unexpected way that life unfolds. As a teenager I fell in love with early hardcore, jungle, techno, alt weirdos like The Future Sound of London and the output of artists on labels such as Planet Mu and Warp. I’ve released albums on both those labels and singles and EPs on many others.

Family Galaxy

Family Galaxy is the single from my last full-length album Listening Tree from 2009. I wanted to push the limits of what was possible with blurring the boundaries between tempo, meter and harmonic structure to reflect the uneasy tension between the turmoil that my life was in and a manic hope for something better. Since Listening Tree I’ve been exploring pure improvisation, honouring Family Galaxy’s manifesto of permanent change. I’m currently building a new instrument which will allow me to compose electronic music performances to form the basis of a new album.


Inseminov is the lead track from the Hanzo Steel Cuts EP which was released in 2004 just days after the distributor went insolvent. Only 400 copies were pressed and a lot of them never saw the light of day.

Don’t Think We’re One

This is the first track I wrote on the album Listening Tree. I started it in 2006 and it kicks off the album too. Listening Tree was an angsty mid-therapy album and this track sets that tone.

Big Bad Purple Badboy

This is a remix I did for BBC Radio 1 as part of a competition to remix a track by rapper Blak Twang. It ended up finding its way on to my album Pro Agonist which was released on Planet Mu in 2005

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