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S L O W – Reverb for Sloths

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S L O W – Reverb for Sloths

I made S L O W – a super-slow reverb for sloths and I’m giving it away for free because autumn. Sign up to my mailing list and download it here http://eepurl.com/civWvz.

It behaves in weird ways because it uses more delay lines which are longer than a standard reverb.

It originally came to life as one part of the IBM #RemixIT project where I sonified various uses of IBM’s technology. S L O W represents the journey from a single data point to a global pattern of masses of concurrent data. By slowing down the reverb algorithm you can hear the individual reflections as they build up from individual sonic events to a wash of millions of events with a collective sonic imprint. Put your knitwear on, plug your mic in and drench this evening in a sea of drones…

Runs in all DAWs that support VST or AU using NI Reaktor 6. You can download Reaktor 6 here https://www.native-instruments.com/…/synt…/reaktor-6-player/. You’ll need a full licence of Reaktor 6 to use it without limitation.

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